Monday, November 7

Undiscoverable site? Are you sure?

Long time no see fellas. It has been a year since my last post if i'm not mistaken. First of all I wanna say Happy Eid Adha 1432 H to all  moslems in the world. Let's get back to the topic.
Learning from a couple cases lately, I've conclude that almost all blogger think that their pages are undiscoverable. Because sometimes I find some posts that contains private business. I don't know what is their aim to write those, is it to tell their deepest feeling and hope somebody to find it and understand or actually they just finding out a way to share their stories without telling others. Most of us do this for the second reason, don't we?
I'm giving you some advice to write private business in blog. You can change your blog to the private one, so just people allowed who can read your blog. Or you can change your profile in the blog, don't put your real name on it to avoid any stalker who might stalk you. I also suggest to never mention any of your friend's full name. But my best advice is 'try to tell your stories to others, they will help you more than the google did'